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Sundays at Tapestry Church are a little different. 

We’re a small church plant. If you’re looking for a larger gathering where you can have some anonymity, that’s not Tapestry. (If that’s what you’re looking for, contact and he can point you to one of the many solid large churches in Austin like that.) If you are looking for a small church to plug into that feels like family, that’s us. We're not huge or flashy. We're a family.


Time/Location Sunday

Sundays, 7 pm

  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, we've moved to online Zoom gatherings. For the link, email

  • We're working though the Old Testament. We place a high value on active learning, versus passive learning - hearing a teaching. Each week, we go over a book in the Old Testament, we read it over the next week, then we discuss what we learned, what questions came up in our reading, and how it applies to our lives today. 

Expect Sunday

WHAT TO EXPECT (when we finally regather in person)

Our service is simple. It’s not huge or flashy. It has three basic parts...


There's something about sharing a meal together that can't be duplicated in a crowd, or on a Zoom. We eat a good meal, and hang out for an hour or so, like a healthy family.


We worship. We have an acoustic guitar, maybe a djembe and a keyboard, maybe not. Our desire is that our worship engage both our heads and our hearts.


We pray. Anyone can share a quick prayer request or how they’ve seen God move, and we pray about those right then. We believe God hears our prayers, and that prayer is powerful.


We engage the Scriptures. Our sermons are shorter - 20-25 minutes - and most of the year we work through a book of the Bible with occasional topical sermons mixed in. Rather than just a presentation of material, we encourage questions and make sure to leave time for that. We want you to know and understand God’s Word so you can see God more clearly and love Him more deeply. If you’ve heard a sermon and wanted to ask a question, we’re here to equip you, and we want to answer them as best we can.


We don’t meet for a formal service every Sunday of the month. At Tapestry Church, rather than trying to get people far from God to come to something churchy, we take a Sunday a month and go do something fun together on campus or in Austin, and invite everyone we know. We might host a concert, go to a concert, bbq at a park, or go float a river. 


Post-pandemic, we'll post events here.

Beyod the Wall Sunday
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